Cartilage Repair

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Cartilage Repair

Fracture Care

Cartilage is a smooth layer that covers the ends of Bones . It's injured during twisting of knees and conditions like osteochondritis dissecans . We offer services like arthroscopic debridement , abrasion chondroplasty , Mosaicplasty to repair and rejuvenate the cartilage.

Cartilage repair is treatment for an otherwise healthy knee, but not for knees affected by osteoarthritis, a condition that causes natural cartilage deterioration from aging.

    The treatment is recommended for patients with knee cartilage damage or deterioration caused by:

  • Injury or trauma, including sports injuries
  • Repetitive use of the joint
  • Congenital abnormalities, meaning those that a person is born with, affecting normal joint structure
  • Hormonal disorders that affect bone and joint development, such as osteochondritis dessicans (OCD)