Arthroscopy & Ligament Injuries

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Arthroscopy & Ligament Injuries

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Knee is supported by ligaments like medial collateral ligament Lateral collateral ligament anterior cruciate ligament posterior cruciate ligament and shock absorbers, menisci. Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine is a new technique of looking into the joint through a key hole with special equipment and treating disorders of cartilage and ligaments inside the knee. We offer all types of Arthroscopic procedures


An arthroscopy is a type of keyhole surgery. It uses a medical instrument called an arthroscope, which is a thin, flexible tube with bundles of fibre-optic cables inside that act as both a light source and camera.

We will make a small incision on the front of your knee and insert the arthroscope.

The arthroscope will illuminate your knee joint and relay images of your knee to a television monitor. This will allow the surgeon to see the inside of your knee clearly.

Additional small incisions will be made in your knee so that other medical instruments can be inserted. The surgeon will use these instruments to remove the torn ligament and reconstruct your ACL.

We will make a tunnel in your bone to pass the new tissue through.

The graft tissue will be positioned in the same place as the old ACL and held in place with screws or staples that will remain in your knee permanently.